The Terra TC models represent TMPR's entry into the carbon fiber field of pickleball paddles.

terra tc-16

The Terra TC-16 is the newest paddle shape in the TMPR lineup. It features the T700 textured carbon surface for maximum spin with an aerodynamic shape for faster swing speed. The 16 mm core thickness provides more control for easier resets and better placement. Those who favor two-handed backhands will enjoy the 5.25” handle length.

The Terra shape is very similar to the Tantrum (not quite a rounded rectangle), and features a very large sweet spot. It plays just a little bit harder than the GXT surface, so it has great control and more than ample power. If you are looking for a premium raw carbon fiber paddle (currently all the range) that is NOT $300+ then this is an excellent choice.


MATERIAL - T700 raw carbon fiber surface, 16mm core thickness
WEIGHT - 7.1 to 8.5 oz
LENGTH - 16.25"
WIDTH - 7.68"
GRIP SIZE - 4.25"
Colors - Blue

Price - CAD$227.00

My 2 cents worth - this is the only paddle that has even tempted me to move on from my Tantrum GXT (which I have been using and loving for 5+ years). The shape is almost identical to the GXT, but the surface responds just a little bit harder. Control is still amazing, with more than enough power, and the sweet spot is huge. The overall balance balance is perfect, and I am starting to use this paddle almost all the time. MG   

Terra TC-16