I am proud to represent TMPR Sports, a Michigan-based paddle company focused on developing new pickleball paddle designs with innovative shapes and improved paddle performance.

TMPR Sports (pronounced Temper) was founded in January of 2018 by Doug and Diana Clark.


TMPR Tantrum Paddles

Competitive play relies on two integral elements - power and control. There are many variables that contribute to these elements and it takes the right combination to achieve a paddle that is adaptable to most playing styles. These variables not only include the paddle’s core and face material, but the shape of the paddle as well. The Tantrum series is shaped for high performance pickleball - less drag, a larger sweet spot, perfect balance, and exceptional power and control.

Things You Need To Know

I carry a full set of demo paddles with me most of the time, and I would be happy to let you try any paddles you wish.

There is an "Add to Cart" button on each product, and it will take you to PayPal where you can use a credit card, or pay directly through PayPal.

Prices are quoted in Canadian dollars, and the Canadian HST will be added, as well as shipping fees where applicable.

Items are generally shipped by Canada Post within a few days.

If you have any questions, please contact me, Michael Gauthier at, or 613.293.3437