So, you need help

I hear you. I've been there and it was no picnic.

Third shot drops that didn't drop, too many unforced errors, too many "bad days".
And worst of all - losing to bangers that you know you should have beaten.
But I fixed most of these problems in my own game, and I would like to help you do the same.
Let's put those issues behind you, win more games, and have some fun again!

The summer of 2022 is shaping up to be the best pickleball season yet, so let's do it!

Announcing The Rally Academy

Beginning in 2022, all of our lessons and coaching will be delivered under the Rally Academy brand. We are developing a new and exciting coaching program, and we are actively creating and testing the content now.

so how is the rally academy going to help me?

The Holy Grail of pickleball is consistency.

It is safe to believe that hitting 9 out of 10 third shot drops will provide better results than 2 out of 10.

It is also safe to believe that consistency can only be improved by drills and in-game practice.

But practice alone is not enough - it must be practice based on strong, repeatable mechanics. Only then will drills and practice improve your consistency.

We love how easy it is to learn and play pickleball, but that same "ease" can lead to bad habits, laziness, and frustration.

If we don't learn good mechanics at the beginning, then we need to learn them later. There is no avoiding that.

The Rally Academy will teach you correct mechanics, show you the drills you need to practice, and take your game to new levels. You will definitely "have more fun winning".

How can i get involved?

I am happy to report that I will be offering lessons at the Valleystream Pickleball Club (Ottawa West) and at the Manotick Tennis Club during the summer of 2022, starting in early May.

While we are fine tuning and testing content, we have special rates that will apply for the next few months.

Private Lessons - If you prefer undivided attention, we offer private lessons for $65 an hour, or a package of four for the price of three - $195.

Group Lessons - If you prefer to get together with some players at a skill level similar to your own, then the rate is $50 an hour for each of you. Again, a package of four lessons is available for the price of three - $150. Groups of two players or four players are acceptable (but not three).

Please contact me for additional information and bookings.

Once you have confirmed dates and times with me, then you can pay using one of the following selections:

Private lessons

(1) One-hour lesson

Price: $65

private lessons

(4) One-hour lessons

Price: $195

25% Discount!

group lessons

(1) One-hour group lesson

Choose QUANTITY for the
number of people on the
checkout screen

Price: $50 each

23% Discount EACH!

group lessons

(4) One-hour group lessons

Choose QUANTITY for the
number of people on the
checkout screen

Price: $150 each

43% Discount EACH!