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We. Love. Pickleball.

We think Pickleball might be just about the best sport ever invented, and we want to help you play it well and enjoy it as much as possible. My personal philosophy has always been to "have fun winning", and that is what we try to do in our clinics and coaching opportunities. We make sure that you learn techniques that will improve your game, and we have fun doing it.


yes!!! we are now certified to do ratings!

I am pleased to announce that I have earned a Certified Rating Specialist designation from the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (ITPTA). This means that we can now conduct internationally recognized assessments and assign ratings levels (2.5 through 4.5). This service is being offered immediately.

Group Clinics

Clinics are group lessons, with instructions, live demos, and on-court practice time for everyone. We have clinics for every level of player.

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Private Lessons

Nothing beats one-on-one training for fixing specific problems. You will have our dedicated attention to review and practice things that might need a bit of work in your game.

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Video Reviews

What could be a better learning experience than actually watching yourself play? We will video one of your actual games, and then analyse your play, providing a detailed breakdown of your performance.

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Are you ready to improve your Pickleball game?

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Michael Gauthier

I love pickleball, and Pickleball Strokes is my on-line home. I live in Ottawa, ON and have been playing pickleball since 2012.  I am an avid instructor, referee, a 4.5 IPTPA-rated player, and I have achieved a USAPA UTPR 4.5 skill level.

I am a Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional and a Certified Ratings Specialist, as designated by the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA).

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Certified Teaching Professional
Certified Rating Specialist

Official Photographer to
Minto US Open
Pickleball Championships
2017, 2018, & 2019
Proud Member of the Ottawa
Pickleball Association