Can you take my picture please?

One of my day jobs is sports photography, and I love taking pickleball action shots. I call them pickleball "portraits" since they are typically close-up views of players totally involved in the action of the moment.

I take my camera to many tournaments, so you might pop up in my work, but if you would like me to make sure I get some shots of you (or your sponsored players) in action, please keep reading.

2024 Tournament Schedule

Nothing scheduled at this time.

Photos for Personal Use

You will get a minimum of eight edited action shots, licensed, and perfect for on-line social media use. I will track you down at your tournament and take your photos - all for only $79.95

Note that the licensing INCLUDES commercial use for any business that you personally own. In other words, if you own a small business where you teach pickleball, then you are free to use these photos for your business. The only exception will be that your sponsors will still need a commercial license to use your photos. Just have them contact me. This policy change is in direct response to feedback I received, and it should make things much easier for many people.

Also please note that, depending on the tournament schedule, there is a slim possibility that I may not be able to get photos of you. If that happens, then your fee will be refunded in full.

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Ready to have your photo taken?

Please use the link below to pay your fee.

If you have any questions, please contact me - Michael Gauthier at  [email protected], or 613.293.3437

how about photos for tournament use?

I would be pleased to work as an official photographer for your tournament.

I typically provide 100+ images per day, capturing the action, medal ceremonies, and crowd excitement. These are edited, unmarked, hi-resolution images, with full rights for use in the marketing and promotion of your tournaments. I also post daily “best of” photos on Facebook from your tournament, generating a high level of immediate, social media interest and excitement for your event.