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What could be a better learning experience than actually watching yourself play? We will video one of your actual games, and then analyse your play, focusing on rally-ending shots. We provide a detailed breakdown of your winning shots and your unforced errors, and an overview of areas that you need to work on. And we will post the video for you to review and work from.

As many of you already know, I am a student of the game of pickleball (among other things), and I like to use statistics to analyse my game and make improvements. I have been taking videos of a lot of games lately, and I have developed a system of tracking the rally-ending shots. While this certainly does not take into account everything that leads up to the end of the rally, I have found that it does reveal some very interesting data. It works like this: when a rally is over, I look at the shot that won or lost it. Essentially, one of two things has happened - either you hit a shot that was so good your opponent could not return it (a winner), or you hit a very poor shot that ended up in the net or off the court (an unforced error).

Your totals of these rally-ending shots will give you an interesting insight into your game. We know what a good ratio is - obviously you should have more winners than errors. We know what the targets are for error counts in winning pickleball. And we can tell how aggressive your game is by the number of rally-ending shots you are involved in. And from all of this, we can give very specific recommendations on what you need to work on to improve your game.

Sample Report

Video Review

The image is a sample of the results from a recent series, and when combined with the video, it makes an incredibly valuable learning tool. If you would like to have your game analysed, then please give me a call. You will need to gather three friends at a recreational event where I can take the video. I will then analyse the video and give each of you a copy of the analysis, and make specific recommendations as to what you need to work on.

The cost for the video review is $25 per person. Once you have contacted me and we have settled on a date, then I will add your review session to the payment page here on the web site.

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