First Advanced Clinic Gets Underway


Advanced Pickleball Clinic

Our very first Advanced Pickleball Clinic got underway today with six hard-working students. They were all looking for ways to improve their games, and we started with how to play at the net. In other words, we dinked. A lot. For a long time.

And when we were done, the difference was amazing. They started out with vastly different styles, techniques, and, of course, results. By the time we were finished, they were all paying attention to their grips, their footwork, and their techniques. And not surprisingly, their consistency went way up. In just two hours!

We can help your game - watch for the next series of clinics starting soon.

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Michael Gauthier


I love pickleball, and Pickleball Strokes is my on-line home. I live in Ottawa, ON and have been playing pickleball since 2012.  I am an avid instructor, referee, and 4.0 player.

I play with a Manta Liberty Pro Team paddle, and I am proud to be a sponsored member of the Manta Pro Team. Manta World Sport is a proudly Canadian company in Kamloops, BC, that has been producing superior racquet sports equipment since 1972, including Pickleball paddles since 2011.