TMPR Tantrum Paddles

The original TMPR paddle with three different models, and one new model for 2020 with the TMPR Luxe Core™. The distinctive curved corners make for a much larger sweet spot, and control is excellent with this paddle.

tmpr ascend

Two original models, and two new ones for 2020 with the TMPR Luxe Core™. With longer handles and balanced with more weight out on the face, these paddles should feel comfortable to tennis and racquetball players. They are also a good choice for singles players.

TMPR oculus

One original model, and one new one for 2020 with the TMPR Luxe Core™. The Oculus was inspired by the shape of a tennis racquet, but there is much more weight on the handle than other models.

tmpr rave

One model, new for 2020 with the TMPR Luxe Core™. This is the TMPR entry in the elongated market. The longer reach is particularly valuable for singles play.


The Tantrum GXT is a high-performance paddle for the player who wants extra control at the net. Made with an omni-directional graphite face and honeycomb polymer core, the Tantrum GXT is a medium weight paddle with an extra-soft touch. The GXT’s rounded shape creates a larger sweet spot than traditional square shaped paddles.


MATERIAL - Graphite face, honeycomb polymer core
Length - 16.25"
WEIGHT - Medium:7.6 to 7.8 oz
WIDTH - 7.75"
GRIP SIZE - 4.25"
Colors - Red, Pink, Blue - please indicate color preference in the Comments below

Price - CAD$159.97

My 2 cents worth - the Tantrum GXT paddle is pretty much the PERFECT pickleball paddle. Unmatched cushioning and control will give you vastly improved dinking capabilities, and you will return hard-hit balls with authority and accuracy. There is more than adequate power to put shots away. This is pure magic for beginners and seasoned players alike. MG

Tantrum GXT RPB 300


NEW for 2020 - The Tantrum LX features our most popular paddle shape. The slightly longer face and curved sides increase  response and improve performance. The Tantrum LX paddle is made with our Luxe Core™ for the player who wants more finesse without compromising power.


MATERIAL - Fiberglass face, honeycomb polymer TMPR Luxe Core™
WEIGHT - 7.7 - 7.9 oz, 8.0 - 8.2 oz
LENGTH - 16.25"
WIDTH - 7.75"
GRIP SIZE - 4.25"
Colors - Red, Blue, Green, Pink - please indicate color preference in the Comments below

Price - CAD$184.97

My 2 cents worth - Read my review of the GXT below - this paddle is a slightly harder version of the GXT. Incredible control with power when you need it, and a VERY large sweet spot. When I need just a little bit more power, this is my "go-to" paddle. MG