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Get Better with Group Clinics

We have clinics for all levels, from beginner through intermediate and advanced.

There are typically beginner clinics once a month at each of the tennis clubs, and we are doing weekly intermediate/advanced sessions at each club.

Many of our Clinics include the use of a Pickleball Tutor ball machine. This gives us a reliable, consistent, and fast way to improve your skills - a true "game-changer".


Beginners Intro and Skills Development Clinics

The Intro clinics are designed for newcomers to the game. If you have not played before, or you have played just enough to know the basics, then this class is for you.

We will review the basic rules, practice the essential shots, and get you playing an actual game. These clinics are generally sponsored by one of our participating tennis clubs, and are usually available to members and non-members of the clubs.

The Skills Development clinics are four-week sessions, scheduled as two-hour clinics once a week.

Check the list of scheduled clinics on the following pages.

Intermediate Skills Development Clinics

These are four-week sessions, scheduled as two-hour sessions once a week. Intermediate players will be introduced and drilled on the skills necessary to improve their games to a more advanced level.

Pre-Tournament Preparation Clinics

These are typically three hour clinics, specifically designed to refresh and drill the skills that are essential to competitive pickleball.

Current offerings include clinics for the Eastern Canadian Regional Championships. The clinics are being held at the Trend Arlington Tennis Club in Ottawa on July 19th.

Youth development programs

We are extremely interested in building a solid corps of young pickleball players at the club. Since this is our first attempt at this, we are thinking that twelve years old would be the minimum age, and fifteen might be the maximum (we hope to be having a separate program for older youth).

The first step is a FREE two hour clinic where the kids (both boys and girls) will be introduced to the game. If there is sufficient interest, then we will implement a four-week program that we hope will allow for rapid development. The first introductory clinics will be held on Saturday, May 11, at Trend Arlington Tennis Club. Pre-registration is required and just click the link below to get signed up.

Pickleball is a fun and demanding sport, highly competitive, and requires skill, agility, and good eye-hand co-ordination. It is not just an old person's sport.

Private Lessons

For the best in personal attention, we also offer private lessons. There is no better way to work on specific issues than one-on-one. Follow the link below for details.

Video Reviews

Video reviews are EYE-OPENERS! Get a group of four together and we will make specific recommendations and show you PROOF of why.

Get Better This Summer

2019 Summer Pickleball

We are happy to report that we will be acting as the Pickleball Teaching Pro at two local, outdoor pickleball facilities this summer - so it is shaping up as an incredible summer of pickleball.

If you are new to the game or well on your way to the pro ranks, we are offering everything from free beginner clinics to advanced development/skills sessions. The schedules vary by location and there will be something for everyone - just click on the links below.

Both clubs all require memberships or daily drop-in fees (see their web pages for details).

Manotick Racquet Club

Located in Manotick just south of Ottawa off the 416, the Manotick Racquet Club has four dedicated pickleball courts.

Beginning on the long weekend (May 24th), there will be a full set of free programs offered to members, and we will also be offering clinics for all levels.

Full details will be available shortly.

Trend Arlington Tennis Club

Located off Greenbank Road in Ottawa's west end, Trend Arlington has one of only TWO dedicated pickleball courts in the city, as well as two more courts shared with one of the tennis courts.

Beginning on the long weekend (May 24th), there will be a full set of free programs offered to members, and we will also be offering clinics for all levels.

Full details will be available shortly.